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Arianna Online contains Arianna Huffington's columns and blog posts up until early 2005. This site is an archive and is not actively maintained. For frequent updates from Arianna, please visit The Huffington Post.

Books Fanatics & Fools

Fanatics & Fools:
The Game Plan for Winning Back America

Introduction to Fanatics and Fools
Excerpt: The Deal-In-Nator
Excerpt: Governor Schwarzenegger: A Very Familiar Kind of Republican
Excerpt: The New Contract for a Better America
How Different Strands of Arianna's Life Came Together in This Book
Fanatics and Fools Themes
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As America's leaders fight pre-emptive wars abroad and ordinary Americans fight to keep their heads above water here at home, Arianna Huffington offers a no-holds-barred account of where we stand, and a clear and remarkable vision of where we should be headed. Taking aim at the ruthless fanatics in the Bush White House and the feckless fools in the all-too-compliant Democratic opposition, the best-selling author of PIGS AT THE TROUGH paints a scathing picture of our contemporary political landscape -- peopled with scoundrels, cowards, and out-and-out lunatics, and awash in the constant and corrosive flow of dirty money.

But over the course of her run for Governor of California, Arianna Huffington learned that outrage is not enough. This book contains her game plan for winning back America from our not-so-compassionately-conservative president, now firmly in the grip of right-wing radicals like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and John Ashcroft.

Fearless, funny, in full command of the facts, and ever passionate, Arianna Huffington offers not just a list of our problems but practical solutions that, surprisingly, are well within our grasp. The system is broken, and no one knows that better than Arianna, but it can be fixed, right now. If you want to know what you can do to restore America to the promise envisioned by our greatest leaders, from Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to FDR and Bobby Kennedy, consider this book required reading.

What people are saying about Fanatics and Fools:

Arianna Huffington continues to be one of our most striking, original, intelligent, articulate, witty and passionate voices. And the legs, my God, the legs. This book is a great read.
     - Aaron Sorkin

"The barnyard dance between money and politics has never been made more explicit than in Fanatics and Fools. Arianna strikes again -- with a direct hit in a world where pre-emptive strikes are now in vogue. Read this if you care about the future of our country. And if you don't -- read it anyway and then you will care. I promise."
     - Bill Moyers

"I loved this book so much that I almost finished it."
     - Larry David

"Arianna is a flaming idealist with a biting wit. I love that combination! It's not just what Arianna says that I savor, it's how she says it. The core values she articulates are ideals that every American aspires to."
     - Joan Blades

"Arianna Huffington is one of America's foremost foes of folly and fanaticism, corruption and cruelty. She's already run for governor of California, and after you read her latest book, you'll be asking: When is she going to run for president?"
     - Barbara Ehrenreich

As usual, Arianna leaves me in shock and in awe- keeping it real, doing it with flair and humor and depth, and then actually writing it down on a piece of paper. In her second language for god's sake. But buy it for you, you'll come away a whole lot smarter.
     - Bill Maher

Arianna Huffington has once again soared ahead of the pack in her analysis of American politics, aided as always by her rare dual viewpoint as both an insider and an outsider. Her cameo appearance as a gubernatorial candidate running against Arnold Schwarzenegger in California gave her an even more acute sense of the inside and the outside of politics. Pols often say to writers, "If you think it's so damn easy, try it." So she did, and brings back valuable lessons in terms of idealism versus pragmatism, what works and what doesn't. If I were a Democratic candidate or even a Republican incumbent this year, I'd grab "Fanatics and Fools" off the shelf so fast you couldn't see me for dirt. Besides, as one who enjoys a well-turned insult, coming across such nuggets as "craven vacillation." and "dithering poltroons" is pure pleasure. Arianna Huffington is a very classy populist.
     - Molly Ivins

This book belongs on every bookshelf in America--right next to mine.
     - Al Franken

"In this absorbing narrative of her own political awakening, Arianna Huffington marks out a path between fanatics and fools (and the faint of heart) that should guide and energize rational citizens of the great republic.
     - Arthur Schlesinger


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