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Arianna Online contains Arianna Huffington's columns and blog posts up until early 2005. This site is an archive and is not actively maintained. For frequent updates from Arianna, please visit The Huffington Post.

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Introduction to Pigs at the Trough
Sidebar: Upstairs / Downstairs
Sidebar: It's a Rich Man's World
Sidebar: Putting The "Act" Back into Activism
Endorsements of Pigs at the Trough
Speech: Arianna Roasts the Piggies at the Commonwealth Club
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Arianna Huffington's project in this wonderfully scathing, wonderfully researched, wonderfully readable book is to rescue capitalism from the CEOs. Every player in the recent go-go market owes it to him (or her) self to read Pigs at the Trough and agitate for the reforms that might yet save the system.
     - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

With a passion for the truth and an eye for detail, Arianna Huffington reports on the hijacking of democracy. Read it and weep -- then head for the barricades. We have work to do.
     - Bill Moyers

Arianna Huffington makes an appealing and compelling argument for the repeal of human nature -- that part of it that indulges savage, unconscionable and despicable greed. And she names the principal corporate offenders who, with their ill-gotten riches, purchase the political influence by which they mock and endanger our democracy.
     - Walter Cronkite

A rousing call to action against special interests that have all too often triumphed over the national interest. As only she can, Arianna breathes energy and passion into the reform agenda. A withering, breathtaking, quintessentially controversial book that will inspire, inflame, and educate.
     - Senator John McCain

Arianna Huffington has always been willing to speak from her heart, her gut, and her convictions about the world around her, and her sharp wit and thoughtful commentary help put issues on the agenda ignored by conventional thinkers. She isn't afraid to speak the truth about the power of big money in our political system that leaves unanswered enormous challenges in the environment, health care, and the globalized world, and I'm glad Arianna is going to be stirring the waters now and in the future.
     - Senator John Kerry

Wake up, America, and smell the bacon frying! Who ate your 401(K), underpaid and over-charged you? The little band of piggies at the top -- whom Arianna Huffington indicts with precision, verve and sparkling wit.
     - Barbara Ehrenreich

Pigs at the Trough is a great read, hilarious and horrifying. Arianna Huffington is a world class wit who makes a Fortune 500 trip to the woodshed seem like flirting.
     - Aaron Sorkin

Arianna Huffington has written the most entertaining tour guide to hell since Virgil led Dante through the Inferno. Crooked CEOs beware!
     - Bill Maher

Arianna Huffington wants angry Americans to leave the malls and take to the streets and the Pig world she portrays in business, finance and politics may stir some serious anger.
     - Kevin Phillips

Remember the CEO Presidency we were supposed to be so excited about? Bush as CEO, Cheney as COO? In this informative and very funny book, Arianna Huffington explains why it's all worked out so well.
     - Al Franken

Arianna Huffington rakes the muck of corporate greed in her latest book, and there is no shortage of muck to rake. I hope her revelations will make more of us outraged enough to demand safeguards against the abuses of corporate power that are undermining democracy in America.
     - Andrew Weil

No one knows how to skewer the absurdities of the American political scene better than Arianna Huffington. Pigs at the Trough is a blistering, brilliant, hilarious expose of the greed-driven corporate scam-artists and their political co-conspirators. She'll make you laugh out loud even as you fume with rage.
     - Ed Begley

Arianna Huffington has written the definitive expose of wretched financial excess at the turn of the 21st century. Here is all you need to know about why unregulated markets represent a license to steal.
     - Gary Hart

Arianna strikes again! Sharp and right on target as usual, her latest book puts the lie to the claim that today's high-profile corporate scandals are the result of a few "bad apples." As she shows, the whole barrel is rotten. Hold your nose and dig in -- then join Arianna's call for action.
     - Jim Hightower


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